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Consumers are asking more questions and reading labels about all types of products including massage & bodywork therapy products.


Here's what you should know about us:

We only use

Paraban free

Fragrance free

Propylene Gylocol free 

All natural, nut, and or fruit massage oils and creams

*Please inform your therapist of any food, nut, fruit, or any allergies you may have.*


Here are a few examples of chemicals we come in contact with daily:


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: found in most shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, etc.  It cleans by corrosion, cheap to make, & used for its foaming action. It's potentially harmful to the skin and hair, by drying the protective lipids from the surface so it can not effectively regulate moisture. You can also find this chemical in car wash soaps and floor cleaners.


Parabens: mostly manmade chemicals used as preservatives to extend the "shelf life" of a product. Its used in many products such as foods, personal lubricants, and moisturizers. It can mimic your body's hormones and disrupt your endocrine system. It can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes and has been linked to asthma, cancer, and eczema.


Propylene Glycol: a synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water. It's used to keep things from drying out and maintain moisture in medicines, foods, and cosmetics. It can easily penetrate the skin and weaken protein and cellular structure. You can find this chemical in lotions, deodorants, paints, and antifreeze. Yes antifreeze. 



So go ahead..lay back, relax, and enjoy your therapeutic massage & bodywork session because we only use what mother nature gave us! 




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